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Elsewhere, Pierce must swim through passageways filled with homing mines that explode to inflict damage, but he can stop periodically and wait for his energy to refill before proceeding. Impressively, all of FIFA 12's single-player modes have made the jump to the Vita. At the heart of these is Virtual Pro, in which you create a player, selecting his age, play style, and position (goalkeeper is an option here). You can also customise the physical appearance of your player, but unlike in the console version of the game, you can't map your own face onto him--a strange omission given that the Vita has built-in cameras. Once you've got your player set up, you can use him throughout Career mode--and even the practice arena--building up his statistics and earning accomplishments. Even with the careless integration of references, the licensed elements of The Simpsons Arcade Game are its lone noteworthy aspect. There is certainly some enjoyment in picking out characters from years past. Bleeding Gums Murphy (also dead!) can be seen in the background in one stage. It's cool to watch the saxophone player jam once more, and seeing who surrounds him should please anyone who has spent hours watching classic episodes. The exotic dancer Homer appeared in a photo with can be seen (with two identical sisters?), and it's those brief moments of recognition that push you onward. Speaking of tea, your citizens drink a lot of it, though eventually, their tastes become more refined. But watch out: they might demand health food, which means you must grow both rice and vegetables. And thus you might have a problem on your hands, since the soil may not support those veggies. Or coffee. Or another supply you need. Solving such problems gets your creative juices flowing, for without that health food, you can't attract the next level of citizen. And without those citizens, you aren't getting cooler structures to play with, and your little empire grinds to a premature halt. Next is Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue. In the same vein as Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, this game is a demo for the upcoming fighter of the same name. It brings together four of the primary characters seen in the Tekken: Blood Vengeance movie--Xiaoyu, Alisa, Devil Jin, and Kazuya (also in devil form)--and gives you a painfully limited taste of what's to come. The game feels every bit as quick as its predecessor and even includes a few new tricks you can perform with your tag partner. But while the lack of other modes is expected, the lack of a character move list adds unnecessary confusion. There's a little bit more of just about every element compared to the 2011 version. There is better scouting and more interaction, as well as lots of tweaks and streamlines, but there's nothing monumental. It really depends on how important it is to you to start off the game with all of this year's transfers in place, bearing in mind that a season into the game, everything will change anyway. Football Ganpati Aaj Padharo Song remains the only football management sim you need; just don't expect an easy ride, especially if this is your first dalliance. If you stick with it, though, it could change your life. The story places you 20 years after a war between the freedom fighters of Gemini and a totalitarian Earth regime, a conflict that rent the Gemini sector. A group of scientists pull you out of a stasis rift, a disturbance in space-time caused by the earlier war. As you grow acclimated to the present day, you explore a Gemini torn by strife and political intrigue, a breeding ground for wealthy spacers and battle-hardened warriors

As before, the charm of the unhinged British narrator and the sight of cutesy bears getting impaled on bamboo wears off before long, and the new nods to variety can't mask the feeling that you're doing the same thing over and over for more than 30 levels. Still, restricting this meatier entry to a downloadable game at a fraction of the original's cost allows you to stretch your dollars, and the ability to revisit each level for higher scores and better costumes allows for substantial replayability--presuming you want to replay it in the first place. A word of warning to parents, though: Naughty is even more violent this time around, and while there's technically no blood or swearing, some of the sights are far more gruesome than its kid-friendly rating would have you believe. Unfortunately, the novelty eventually wears off. By the end of Pid's third hour, you've experienced the basic forms of every beam puzzle you need to navigate over the coming 10 hours, and the following levels merely present extreme versions of past obstacles. This is when the frustrations begin, especially in light of Kurt's fragile health, although generous checkpoints soften the shock of failure. In time, the difficulty spikes to crescendos that recall the difficulty of Super Meat Boy (down to a tally of your total deaths during the credits), but the repetition of missile and laser obstacles and the tragic abundance of imprecise jumps and poorly placed platforms rob Pid of the same sense of achievement. The good news is that powerful hidden secondary items such as bombs and slingshots stave off the tedium, as do the constellations scattered throughout each level that act as currency for extra ammunition and a life vest that allows Kurt to take a few more hits. In no place is this more apparent than in Gabriel's relationship with Seren. Throughout the game, he talks about how close they've always been. About how he's been riding on her back since he was a toddler and how he travels everywhere with her. And although that does establish their link, such trivia does little to move you. It's not the telling that makes you care about Seren; it's the actions you perform. Pulling out an arrow is just one of the horse-keeping tasks you do to maintain her health and happiness, and these little activities have a big effect on your feelings toward her. Brushing her coat to scrape off the dirt from the dusty roads or feeding her an apple has little tangible impact on your adventuring, but these quiet interludes draw you closer to her. This is your horse, after all, so you ensure that she's well fed and clean. These bonding moments make up a small portion of the entire journey, but they leave the biggest impact on your experience. The original Shift games were centered on single-screen rooms that let you see the entire layout of the maze at once. Shifting World builds on this concept by introducing multi-screen mazes. The section of the maze you are currently exploring is displayed on the top scre


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